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Gonal-F is a hormone supplement powder used to stimulate human follicles. They mimic the function of naturally-occurring human follicle stimulating hormones that regulate reproductive processes in the body. Its most common use is as a treatment for infertility in humans. It stimulates ovaries in women to produce eggs and increases sperm count in men. Gonal-F is important to those who wish to have children but are having difficulty conceiving, so it reaches prices upwards of $1000 for a single carton at some pharmacies. Internet Drug Coupons knows that you want to save big on the price of Gonal-F, so we provide a Gonal-F coupon that can save you from 20-75%. Simply choose your method of delivery – whether it be by email, SMS (text) message, or by printing a coupon out -- and use it time and time again to cut the cost of Gonal-F!

1.  Gonal F Manufacturer Coupon

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Description:  Lots of drug manufacturers make coupons available online for discounts on the drugs they produce. EMD Serono offers a Gonal-F manufacturer coupon worth up to $200 off your second Gonal-F cycle. If you are uninsured or your income is too low to afford medication, consider applying for the Compassionate Care Program. Ask your doctor to help you with the application for a chance to get 25%, 50%, or 75% off of the retail price of Gonal-F. You may also receive a rebate on each Gonal-F cycle if you qualify.

2.  Gonal F Internet Drug Coupon

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Internet Drug Coupons is in the business of maximizing the savings you get on the medications you need most, so we research and upload coupons for prescription drugs completely free to patients. Our Gonal-F coupon can help you save 20-75% on the cost of Gonal-F depending on the price of drugs at the pharmacy you choose. Click ‘Print Your Coupon’ or one of the buttons below it to download a reusable Gonal-F coupon. Take the coupon to your pharmacist each time you fill a prescription and you'll receive a fantastic discount at checkout time. Use the same coupon as many times as necessary.

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Gonal F Information

Read information about Gonal F below to learn about its common uses. If you have questions about this medicine, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist and be sure to inform them of all the medications you are currently taking.

  Gonal F Uses

Gonal F Uses:
Gonal-F is a powder that helps stimulate the follicles in the human body that produce hormones that help regulate the functions of and develop reproductive organs and processes. When follicles are stimulated and naturally-occurring hormones are produced, women begin to produce healthy eggs at a normal rate, and the sperm count in men is increased. These reactions combat infertility caused by hormone imbalances.

  Gonal F Side Effects

Gonal F Side Effects:
Hormone treatments like Gonal-F are associated with common side effects that may include acne breakouts, breast pain or growth, discomfort at the site of injection, headache, sinus infection, upset stomach, and fatigue. Tell your doctor if these side effects persist or if you experience allergic reactions, abnormal vaginal bleeding, calf pain, chest pain, confusion, fever, weakness on one side, severe shortness of breath, severe pelvic or back pain, pronounced gastrointestinal distress, slurred speech, unusual vaginal itching, discharge, strange odor, or changes in vision.

  Gonal F Generics & Similar Drugs

Gonal F Generics & Similar Drugs:
Gonal-F is the brand name for the generic follitropin alfa. It is not marketed under any other brand names. Be sure to check different pharmacies for Gonal-F to get the best price possible. Lower the cost of Gonal-F with Internet Drug Coupons' reusable Gonal-F coupon or discount card. Click ‘Print Your Coupon’ or get a convenient discount card sent to you by clicking ‘Free Rx Card’ in our menu.