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Florastor is a brand of probiotics that may be used by people of all ages. Florastor products contain a yeast probiotic called Saccaromyces boulardii lyo. Florastor has been used to support digestive health for over 50 years. The price of Florastor depends on the size of the pack you buy. Prices range from $20 to $50, with a pack of 50 pills costing $40 to $40 on average. Take advantage of our Florastor coupons to cut the cost in your pharmacy by as much as 75%.

1.  Florastor Manufacturer Coupon

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Description:  We keep track of coupons, discounts, copay cards and more from drug manufacturers and pass the savings on to visitors of Internet Drug Coupons. The Florastor manufacturer is currently offering a coupon that is good for $3 off the retail price of a pack of 30 or more capsules. This coupon is printable. Click the coupon link to go to the manufacturer’s site and print your Florastor coupon now.

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Florastor Information

Read information about Florastor below to learn about its common uses. If you have questions about this medicine, please consult with your doctor or pharmacist and be sure to inform them of all the medications you are currently taking.

  Florastor Uses

Florastor Uses:
Florastor is indicated to maintain a healthy intestinal flora and promote digestive health and better absorption of nutrients. Florastor is different from other probiotics because it remains effective even when antibiotics are taken. These capsules are promoted for active or busy lifestyles because they do not require refrigeration.

  Florastor Side Effects

Florastor Side Effects:
Florastor side effects are rare and occur in less than 1% of users. Side effects include thirst and mild constipation. These side effects should stop after a few days. If these side effects continue or if they are severe, tell your doctor. If you have diarrhea or constipation that lasts longer than a week, see your doctor.

  Florastor Generics & Similar Drugs

Florastor Generics & Similar Drugs:
Saccaromyces boulardii or S. boulardii is sold by other brands that produce supplements such as Biotics and Douglas Labs. These other brands may be more affordable.