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Updated NuvaRing Coupon Posted To NuvaRing Web Site - Drug Coupon Blog

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We got many emails within the last two weeks from women looking for NuvaRing savings coupons.

Coupons for NuvaRing, one of our most requested coupon offers, had disappeared between June 15th, 2011 and July 2nd, 2011 from while they were updating the expiration date.

The previous NuvaRing coupon had a June 30th 2011. The new NuvaRing coupon has similar terms as the previous one (save $15 each on 6 prescriptions for a total 6-month savings of $90 per coupon) and a 7/31/2012 expiration date.

Similar to most other coupons, the NuvaRing coupon can be used for cash paying patients, insurance patients and mail-order patients.

The process for mail-order prescriptions takes the form of a rebate.

If you have mail-order and you want to get your discount, call McKesson (the company that adjudicated this coupon) at 877-264-2440 within 30 days of purchase to obtain a special form you mail in for reimbursement.

The 30-day limit is carved in stone. Don't procrastinate!