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Drug Coupon Blog: How To Handle Seemingly Expired Drug Coupons

What happens when you print a drug coupon but the expiration date has already passed?

Drug coupons are unlike other coupons; they have no value in and of themselves. Their only purpose is to convey coupon codes to the pharmacist so he can run them in his computer.

Most drug coupons are extended past the expiration date on the printed coupon.

How to handle a seemingly expired coupon:

- Print the coupon and call the telephone number on it. If there is no patient assistance number, call the pharmacist assistance number. Ask if the offer is still active. You may wait on hold but it pays to wait.

- If there is no phone number on the coupon, contact the drug company's customer service number. This is easy to find on Google. (If you can not find the number, send me an e-mail and I will get it to you).

- If don't feel like doing detective work, check the site in a few days to see if a fresh coupon is posted. (Sometimes the process takes several weeks).