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Internet Drug Coupons: Prilosec Coupon Investigation

[Please see my Prilosec Coupon Page for 4 Prilosec OTC coupon offers I guarantee are currently available! ].

Last night I Googled "Prilosec Coupon" and the top results were a bunch of spammy Prilosec coupon websites, most of which didn't even have real Prilosec coupons!

I don't know how the search engines let these baloney coupon sites get away with this nonsense!

I looked online and I found 4 legitimate Prilosec Coupons and I posted them to make your life easier: 2 manufacturer coupons (one for a free sample and a $1.00 off any 12-CT or larger Prilosec OTC), as well as a $3 Prilosec coupon from and a $6 Prilosec coupon from

CLICK HERE for my Prilosec coupon page that I updated 10/18/2012.

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