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Drug Coupon Blog: Pataday Updates Coupon Offer: Save $10 Rebate

Pataday Updates Coupon Offer:

For the past 4 weeks or so, the Pataday rebate disappeared off the face of the earth. More than 50 people e-mailed me asking why is the coupon page dead and if there will be as new coupon forthcoming. called Novartis headquarters in Parsippany, New Jersey to inquire about the Pataday rebate offer every week but we could not get a definitive offer.

Then on Sunday, a astute visitor from Ontario Canada, of all places sent us an e-mail notifying us that the new Pataday offer was live.

Here are thehighlights of the new Pataday offer:

Patient pays the first $25
Offer expires 3/31/12
Allow 8-10 weeks for rebate check to arrive.
You must send the empty box the Pataday came in along with the cash register receipt postmarked by 4/15/2012 to:

PATADAY™ Solution $10 Rebate - 2011

Promotion 028-123
PO Box 1001
Grand Rapids, MN 55745-1001

Please note: The offer is good for Massacheussets patients provided thay sign a waiver indicating they they “certify that I have no prescription insurance coverage of any kind”.

Helpful Hints:

Make sure the pharmacist gives you the original box the  Pataday eyedrops came in. (Sometimes they take the bottle out of the box and disprnse it in a prescription vial so they can for a label on it).

Only use the original rebate form that you print on your computer.

Make copies of everything and retain them.

Good Luck!