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Drug Coupon Blog: Gilenya Coupon: Save Up To $10,400 Per Year

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Gilenya Coupon:

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The Gilenya Go Program is a comprehensive program sponsored by Novartis pharmaceuticals that includes co-pay assistance, prescription co-pay assistance and medical co-pay assistance as well as a benefits assessment.

During the benefits assessment portion of the program, eligible patients qualify for a free starter supply of Gilenya (which normally retails for $165 per pill).

If you qualify, Novartis will shell out up to $10,400 per year to help offset your out-of-pocket costs for Gilenya

The is a little complicated. If you have M.S. and your doctor has decided that Gilenya is right for you, we suggest that you call 1-800-GILENYA (1-800-445-3692) and speak to a customer service representative learn more.