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Celebrex Issues First Online Coupon - Drug Coupon Blog

NEW – Celebrex Issues First Internet Coupon EVER

I have been covering drug coupons since 2007 and I have never seen a printable Celebrex coupon until now.

Up until June 15th, the only available Celebrex coupon was a reusable 7-day free trial, one-time use plastic coupon card (that resembled an insurance I.D. card) distributed exclusively by Celebrex sales representative to doctors.

If your doctor didn’t have a Celebrex sales representative, he had to call Pfizer directly to get drug rep dispatched to his office to drop off the coupons – an inefficient way to distribute coupons.

HOWEVER this morning a woman from Texas wrote me to tell me about a brand new offer from Celebrex – a printable internet coupon for $15.

The new printable Celebrex coupons are available at:

In the drug coupon industry, the Celebrex offer is known as a one-click coupon. There are no registration forms or surveys to complete. You just click on the link and you print the coupon.

Other important information:

- The maximum value of this offer is $15 per month for 6 prescriptions.
- This coupon is only good for people who have insurance with a copay greater than $15.
- The coupon expires 12/31/2011.
- Have your pharmacist call 1-877-907-4334 if he has trouble processing the coupon.
- This coupon IS good for mail order patients. If you have mail order prescription service, mail a copy of the original pharmacy insurance receipt with the date, amount paid and the word “Celebrex” circled along with a photocopy of the Celebrex coupon you downloaded (front and back) to:
CELEBREX Savings Card
6501 Weston Parkway
Suite 370, Cary, NC 27513

It usually takes 4 – 6 weeks to get your check.

For more information, visit:

Do you have information regarding a new drug coupon? Send me an e-mail with the link and a description of the coupon and I will send you a $6 reward. Please see: for more information.