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Trouble Printing Brick's Coupons? Click Here For Help

Many of the over counter drug coupons such as Tums, Abreva, Pepcid, Vagisil, Zegarid, Prevacid, etc., are adjudicated by one of the leading coupon printing managers known as "Bricks Coupons"

In order for these coupons to print properly, you must permit the product manufacturer’s website to install a small piece of software known as the "Bricks coupon printer" onto your computer. There is a good chance it is already installed on your computer.

Some people get uptight when a website asks them to install a piece of software because they are afraid of spyware and viruses. But if you don't allow the installation to proceed you can't get the online coupons.

If you are unable to install the coupon printing software, you can always call or e-mail the company issuing the coupons. In most cases they will mail them to you but it’s a time consuming process finding a person to help you.

Bricks coupons usually come with a 30-day expiration date from the day they are printed. Sometimes, you will only be allowed to print one or two coupons per month per computer. Bricks coupons print out with unique barcodes and dynamic expiration dates to reduce the likelihood of coupon abuse.

Depending on your internet browser and the security settings of your computer there are many variables that could go wrong preventing a successful Bricks coupon manager installation The two most common problems are Browser incompatibilities and software installation denial.

We searched the internet for a reliable troubleshooting guide to installing the Brick's coupon manager and we found it!

Click HERE to view the Brick’s computer troubleshooting guide for Microsoft Windows computers.

Click HERE to view the Bricks computer troubleshooting guide for Apple computers.

Drug Coupon Factoid: Bricks Coupons work best using Internet Explorer - avoid Safari, Firefox and especially Chrome when printing Bricks coupons. Never try to print or access Bricks computers from your cell phone.

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