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New England Journal Of Medicine Highlights In Editorial Regarding Drug Coupons

The New England Journal of Medicine is the most reputable, widest read, influential medical journal in the world – ask any doctor. That’s why we are flattered that NEJM used (this site) as a reference tool for an important editorial piece they published recently regarding drug coupons.

Quoting from the article:

“ ... We did our own analysis by manually abstracting information on each coupon advertised in March 2013 at,a large Internet drug-coupon repository...”

When a prestigious journal such as NEJM uses your site as a reference tool, it shows that your site is high quality and reputable. Getting a link from the New England Journal Of Medicine is up there with getting a link from the NY Times, Wall Street Journal or the L.A. Times (all 3 of which have linked to us in the past)

This makes all our hard work putting this site together and maintaining it worthwhile.

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