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As a hard core drug couponer, I spend hours each day with my eyeballs glued to a computer screen. I come across lots of savings and couponing sites. From now on, when I find a good site I am going to share it with you guys.

Georgine Kaczmarek has been a professional penny pincher for over 40 years.

She was given the monniker "Coupon Queen" by various media outlets.

Her site has been mentioned in the Washington Post, Business Week, Money Advisor Magazine to name a few. offer tips on saving money, where to find rebates, alerts about "Good Deals".

What she does is sort out all the online bargains and posts them here.

She found some really good deals from like

I am hoping that me and Georgine will keep in touch. It's nice making internet frugal friendships!

BTW: Click HERE to see Georgina's Twitter feed that has more than 1,850 active followers.

You Go Girl!

- Maria, Webmaster