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Invokana: New Diabetes Drug Launches With Beefy Coupon Offer

Name of Offer:Invokana Care Path

Manufacturer Printable Coupon; Co-Pay Subsidy


Invokana is a brand new drug for diabetes from Johnson and Johnson. Since the product is new, few insurance companies have it on the preferred list, and as you know, non-preferred drug copays can be as high as $100 per month.

Compounding their marketing headache, Ivokana has many strong competitors, particularly the mega blockbuster Janumet franchise, so thay are offering this incentive to drive demand.

The coupon offer is a small part of a comprehensive program known as the Invokana Carepath Support Program designed to enhance patient compliance and provoke an enhanced positive diabetic treatment outcome.

You also get a 12-week wellness program, online videos, reminders to take your pills, diabetic friendly recipes and access to a library of diabetes literature geared to the layperson.

They even have a toll free telephone number associated with the program: 1-877-Invokana (1-877- 468-6526.