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Drug Coupon School 101 - Extreme Drug Couponing - Double dipping and the pharmacist's secret - Knowledge is Savings

If you use your noodle you will never have to pay full price on drugs again, even if you have insurance. But- you need ammunition for extreme drug couponing: time and knowledge. Time is up to you but our cup of pharma couponing knowledge runneth over; take a drink from our cup.

When you enter the drugstore there are 3 possible prices for each drug and an opportunity for double dip discounts ...

1 - The full retail price

Which is usually the highest price unless the drug is heavily discounted such as Walmart has a list of 300 generics that they sell for $4 for a month supply. Costco usually has the lowest retail prices. Most manufacturer coupons can be applied to offset this price.

2 - The Insurance Price

Which is dictated by your insurance company. In this case you have to pay the full copay or deductible. Tier 3 drugs can have high deductibles. Almost all manufacturer coupons can be applied to shrink or eliminate your copay.

3 - Our Buying Group Price

Which is usually less than the full retail price for most generic and brand name drugs. Sometimes you can save 40% off the retail price but sometimes it's only 2 or 3 dollars. In your case you CAN use our buying group program provided you bypass your insurance. (The way it works is just like how the AAA card gets you discounts on motel rooms).

Double dip possible when you use our discount card: You are allowed to combine our discount with any manufacturer coupon as long as the coupon is valid for cash paying customers.

Certain drug coupons may only be used by patients with insurance. Other coupons may be used for cash paying patients. Most drug coupons have a provision that they may be used as rebate coupons if the pharmacy they use is unwilling or unable to process the coupon.

In your situation you need to ask all 3 prices every time you get a prescription.

The Pharmacist's Secret:

Non - Coupon, Big Box Store Discount Prices

You can save big money on drugs check out the $4 Walmart preferred drug list [ ] Target and all the big chains have similar programs. There are hundreds of generic drugs in all the important categoreis. Sit down with your doctor and tell him substitute expensive brand name drugs for the heavily discounted generic druns on the list wherever possible.

For example - you may be on Crestor. Pravastatin does the same thing as Crestor but Crestor is more popular partially because it is heavily marketed. Walmart sells pravastatin for $4 for a month. Buy some, try some. if the pravastatin doesn't work you can always switch back to Crestor. Even if you have to flush it down the toilet the investment was worth it.

Bottom line: Every time you get a prescription, you need to get 3 price quotes search for a double dip opportunity with a manufacturer rebate. Many times you will get 3 different prices. Sometimes your insurance will yield the cheapest price, but every once in a while you can save real money by paying cash using our discount card.