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CVS Caremark Plans Expansion Of War On Drug Coupons

Sometimes the PBM’s play one drug company off another to get a higher rebate. The drug company that coughs up the steeper rebate gets top spot on the preferred list. Up until now, the PBM’s would carry several similar drugs, giving the preferred drug a low copay and non preferred drugs a higher copay, sometimes as much as three times the copay of the non-preferred drug. Drug coupons threw this system a curve ball by leveling the copay playing field between preferred and non-preferred drugs.

Last year CVS Caremark pharmacy benefit managemnt services changed the game. Rather than offering higher copays for non-preferred drugs, beginning January 1st, 2012 they locked out 34 non-preferred drugs; not paying for them – period. If you wanted one of these non-preferred drugs, you had to pay for it, 100% out of pocket.

The above article claims that the list of 34 locked out drugs will be expanded next year.

Please Remember: The above described, proposed lockout applies to people who have drug coverage through CVS Caremark pharmacy benefit management services NOT people who have other drug coverage and patronize CVS drugstores.

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