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All New Tekturna And Valturna Couponing Activities Discontinued

On or about December 20th, there was a lot of negative publicity regarding the active ingredient in Tekturna, which is also one of the ingredients in Valturna.

At that point, the Tekturna and Valturnabrand websites were taken down and replaced with a generic Novartis site.

We called Novartis's contact us: customer service telephone number (1-888-669-6682) and were informed that theystopped signing up new patients in the manufacture savings card program. They are even going as far as having their salesmen remove all of the savings cards from doctors' offices.

However, if you pay cash for Valturna, you can save a few dollars with our free buying group card for Valturna.

The bottom line with our buying group coupon is that usimg it gives you group rate savings on prescriptions, kind of like when you use the AAA card to get discounts on hotel rooms.

Here is more information regarding free drug buying group/ drug discount card