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Drug Coupon Blog: How To Handle Seemingly Expired Drug Coupons

Savy consumers clip coupons to save $1 on ketchup or 55 cents on cottage cheese.  Why don't they put as much effort into looking for coupons for expensive medicines they take every month? Nearly a year after generic Lipitor launched, few Colorado pharmacies cut their prices as expected. Although some cash-paying consumers were charged between $18 to $48 for a month’s supply of the brand-name drug or its generic equivalent, atorvastatin, most chain pharmacies were still charging more than $100 for either version. One reason the brand-name still commanded a premium – little awareness of manufacturer drug coupons, and pharmacists weren't exactly spreading the word.

The November 2011 patent expiration on Lipitor, which is still marketed by Pfizer, was the one of the most closely watched developments in the pharmaceutical industry, because it symbolized the so-called patent cliff that has been ushering in a wave of lower-cost generic medicines over the past few years to replace big-selling drugs.

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When I got involved in the day-to-day care of my parents, I discovered they were spending almost $250.00 per month on deductibles for their medications - even though they have insurance!

The cost of their deductibles was taking a huge chunk out of their modest income.

I became aware that many prescription drugs and non prescription drugs offer money saving coupons and rebates. Looking for drug coupons can be a time consuming scavenger hunt for people who are not familiar with the internet. I assembled this database of drug coupons to make it easy for people like my elderly parents to save money on their medications. This is a free service - we do not charge you anything.The small amount of money we make from the ads is used to pay for our expenses.