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Zantac is an antihistamine medication that stops the production of stomach acid in order to treat ulcers, heartburn and acid reflux. Sixty tablets of prescription Zantac can cost around $300. Luckily you can reduce the price of Zantac with our discount coupons. The Zantac manufacturer coupon will get you $4 off the price of over the counter Zantac. Our other Zantac coupon is printable and will get you up to 75% off the retail price of prescription Zantac in your local pharmacy. Click the Zantac coupon of your choice to start saving now.

1.  Zantac Manufacturer Coupon

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Save $4 Zantac® (All Strengths) 24-Ct or Larger

Name of the offer: Zantac Manufacturer Coupon Offer
Description:  Manufacturer Printable Coupon. Save $4 on Maximum Strength Zantac 150® or Save $4 on Zantac 75.