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Livalo is a statin drug used to treat high cholesterol. Livalo costs around $420 for 60 tablets. Luckily, there are a few forms of Livalo patient assistance available to help lower the price. We offer a printable Livalo coupon from a buying group that allows you to save up to 75% off the price of your medication. This coupon is like a Livalo discount card and is reusable on refills. We also offer access to a Livalo manufacturer coupon that can reduce your prescription cost to as little as $18 per month. Click one of the links below to get the Livalo coupon of your choice and start saving.

1.  Livalo Manufacturer Coupon

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Livalo® Coupon: Pay Only $18 Per Prescription

Name of the offer: Livalo Cost Reduction Offer, MANUFACTURER OFFER
Description:  Manufacturer Printable Coupon. Eligible patients may pay as little as $18 a month for LIVALO. Maximum value = $75 per prescription.
Details:  Livalo (pitavastatin) is the newest so-called statin drug for cholesterol to lower your bad cholesterol and increase your good cholesterol. Eli Lilly and Kowa Pharmaceuticals (their Japanese partner in this venture) have a difficult task. They are going up against well established cholesterol drug brands such Lipitor and Crestor as well as dirt cheap simvustatin. Therefore, they are willing to fork out up to $120 per month to make Lovalo cheap enough to get you to want to try it. This is a one-click coupon.

2.  Livalo Internet Drug Coupon

Save up to 50% Retail Price

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  • Discount program for drugs similar to how the AAA card gets you discounts on motel rooms.
  • Ideal for people with no drug coverage, self-employed, donut hole seniors.
  • Accepted at all the big chains (Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, Etc.) and most independent pharmacies. Not to be combined with insurance, great for drugs not covered by your plan.

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